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At Printmarv to print business cards is very simple. Get 1000 business cards printing for only $29.95 with free shipping. Just click Add To Cart below the image to get 1000 business cards with free shipping for the special price of $29.95. After completing the payment you can then upload business cards file to the website.

If you don’t have the design yet go to the business card templates page and select the design you want. We will fill in the details for you with the information you provide us. Business card proofs will be sent to you so you will see that your artwork did not change after we processed it. Once you reply that it’s OK to print we will then go ahead and finish your order.

We don’t do just business cards printing. We offer a full line of printed products that you may need. You can call us for that or simply send an email and we will be very happy to assist you.

Your security when making a payment is our highest concern. This is why the payment process is handled by Paypal so you as a buyer or consumer have a double layer of protection – from Paypal and your Credit card provider or Bank. Your payment is processed inside Paypal’s website. We do not keep any record of your payment details in our website.


Get your 1000 business cards with FREE shipping for $29.95. Click add to cart button below.

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“Our Money Back Guarantee…”

On Your First Order of Business Cards: We want you to try us out risk free. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the business cards or it is not what we say what it is, within 7 days of receipt return the whole package to us and we will refund you the cost of printing only without any questions asked.

Business Cards Printing

Ok, so your business cards printing need not be as fancy as this guy’s on the video above. It’s true, though that the first ones he  showed in the video are crap that can easily tear apart. But you don’t have to pay $4.00 a business card to get highly presentable  and high quality color business cards. Just $29.95 for 1000 and shipped free, you get a thick business card with UV coating and  won’t tear easily.

The business card is one of the most valuable tools you have in your marketing toolbox. It has been around for so long,   considered  low-tech, but it is still one of the most powerful business tool that one can invest in. Costing just a few  pennies each, it can  introduce you and your business to a multitude of new clients on a daily basis. No other business  tool can be this cheap and yet  produce the most positive best first impression of you to your prospective client.

Business cards must leave a lasting first impression on the person it is handed to. Before they can convince potential  clients to look  at them closely, they must create that curiosity and urge at the first glance to come closer and get a good look at them. The business  card design and appearance must be captivating in order to entice the receivers.

Thus it is a very bad idea to print your own business cards specially from your inkjet printer and those tearaway business card paper  you buy from the big office supply stores. These cards will scream “Cheap” (or as in the video above – “Crap”) right from the moment  you hand them to someone.

Although you have done an excellent job in designing your own business cards and they look good on the screen, if you printed them  this way they will look very unprofessional. Even if you used a good color laser printer it still won’t look good enough to convey a  very important first impression of who you really are and the business that you represent.

If you think you’re saving money, think again. Our high quality thick business cards only cost 2 1/2 cents each. How much does it  cost to print your own business cards? Even if you save 100% of that whooping 2 1/2 cents by printing it yourself, how would you  look to a potential client handing out this kind of a business card?

If you were a realtor trying to sell a $500,000 house and gave a prospect one of these self-printed cards, this person would seriously wonder what kind of a realtor you are. If you were a real estate agent and met someone for the first time and you gave this person one of those crappy real estate business cards, this person would probably think immediately that what you’re trying to sell is also crap although in reality it may be one of the best of it’s kind. At the cost of less than 3 cents?

Cheap Business Cards

You can get “cheap business cards” as far as price is concerned without going “cheap” on the quality. Order your business cards here and let us do the business card printing for you. You will get these professionally done, high quality business cards cheap the easy way by buying them here. Maybe at almost the same price of those blank tear off business card paper. The modern business cards come in a variety of form and design, however the preferred kind is the business card in full color printing, either as single or double sided business cards. It is inexpensive and can be very attractive if designed right.

Standard Business Card Size

We do business cards for most of industries and professions. We can do real estate business cards, hair stylist business cards, DJ business cards, medical and dental office cards, chiropractor business cards, even personal business cards. What is the size of a business card? The business card dimensions we follow is the US standard business card size of 3 1/2 X 2 inches. It can be in either portrait or landscape. Of course other sizes can be ordered if you want to get unique business cards but that is not covered in this offer.

Business Card Design

If you don’t have a business card design yet, we can help you with that. Just let us know what line of business these business cards are for and we will send you some sample business cards design templates which we can use to create your business card design from the information you send us. If we follow the sample business card template, there will no no additional charge to getting your business card design done. When you need business cards printed, we make it easy for you to order your business cards online here.