Fantastic business card first impression

Fantastic business card first impression

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First impressions always count big time

Whether you are a believer or not, first impressions always count big time. Whether it’s going to a store, seeing a doctor for the first time, or going out on a first date, it is that first impression of the person or business which always gets imprinted in your brain. That is what you will remember first and foremost whenever you meet or even just think of that person or business establishment again.

Think again, when you visit a doctor for the first time, what do you know of him? Nothing. The initial impression that you get of this doctor is what you see and observe about him and his office in that initial moment that you see him. Does he look professional? Is he dressed appropriately? Is his office neat and orderly? You won’t know right away how great a doctor he is. So if you see him in long unkempt hair, wearing blue jeans, tattoos all over and a plain shirt, in a messy office, do you think you’d want him to check your internal organs? No matter how good a doctor he is, you will have serious doubts as to his capabilities by the visual signals that got input in your brain.

What’s your first impression of the lady in the image below as you see her on the left side for the first time? How about seeing her for the first time as she is on the right side?

fantanstic business card first impression

When you go to a department store shopping for the first time, wouldn’t you be turned off if you find the store cluttered up with stacks of merchandise all over the floor and and tended by unhelpful sales persons? Even if they have low prices and good products, the next time you want to go shopping and think about this store, what you will remember of them is the impression you got the first time you went there, and most likely you won’t go back and shop there again.

Or how about going out on a date for the first time? No matter how sweet and smart the girl is, you have no way of knowing that at face value, or that she’s a hot chick and on fire on the inside. However, what you will get to know on that initial contact is only how she looks, dresses up and acts. I am not saying that these external visual images are the only way to gauge somebody or rate a business. There are many more factors than that, but the first impression is almost always the one that unlocks someone’s curiosity to find out more about that person or business and uncover the gems that may be hidden in them. Without a good first impression the chances of someone going further on to establish a relationship is diminished. No matter how great a person you are or your product is, if the first impression you or your product gets is not good, chances are you will not get the opportunity to show your prospects how good you or your product really is.

Business card first impression?

So where does first impressions get into business cards? Well, it’s simply that when you are in a business call, in a seminar, trade show or just visiting an office, the business card plays a big part in creating that fantastic first impression of you and your business to a prospect. Of course, you create that big impression first by how you dress and carry out yourself in front of the prospective client. Then the business card follows. Have you ever seen a situation in a business meeting where there is no exchange of business cards? Like a salesperson visiting a prospect and then leaves without handing out a business card? I haven’t. Can you just go to a prospect, talk to them about you and your business, then tell them you will follow up in a few days without leaving a business card? How about scribbling your business information on a piece of paper on your prospect’s desk? Wow, that’s something I can’t imagine.

How do you make a business card be something that will give a superb first impression? Pretty simple, really but I sometimes can’t figure out why so many people make all that fuss about it. With the cost so low (cheap, in fact if you see our prices) and the possible rewards coming out of a closed business deal is so big, I don’t know why people will push for the cheapest kind of business cards they can get, if not for free. People who, without batting an eyelid, spend $4.50 every day on Starbucks coffee that has a zero ROI (for sure), will kick and scream at why a 1000 business cards can cost $28.95.

First of all, a business cards should be designed professionally and look appealing. In the old days it’s true that you have to pay a graphics arts designer an arm and a leg to get this done. In these days of ready made templates, though, you can pick a nice business card design for free (if you really want it custom made and unique then you need a graphic arts designer if you don’t have the skills to do it). Then have it professionally printed, for only $28.95 for 1000 business cards with us (click here if you want to do that now). That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Now you have business cards that will make people look at you with awe. The business card has done its job. Of course, whatever follows after you hand out the business card is now all up to you.

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