Connecting With Color Business Cards

Connecting With Color Business Cards

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Making a connection with color business cards

To get someone’s attention, you need to stand out above the crowd. Imagine this scenario: looking at your prospect’s desk you observe a sea of business cards spread all over, some that are even scattered on the floor. And you notice something eerily the same in all the cards – they are all printed in black ink over a white card. With the exception of a couple of them printed in a wide gamut of color. Now, which of these stacks of business cards will be most likely to grab your prospect’s attention?

It’s an undeniable truth that color will make almost  anything look a lot better, particularly if you utilize it inside your marketing medium. Shrewd business people are aware of the power colors can give to your marketing arsenal. Previous studies have shown that sales people who use color business cards and put color in their marketing materials are seen as being more professional, better prepared and more adept than individuals who give out the boring monochrome printed pieces. It pulls your prospective client’s interest helping them notice both you and also your business.

These business cards in full color will greatly help in the assurance that your message will be seen and read by the recipient. The colors will naturally pull their eyes towards the the business cards thereby making sure that what is printed is read. Additionally, color business cards will improve the chances of your being recognized and being remembered long after that first meeting.

And these aren’t just wild imagination of the over active mind of one graphic artist who is trying to convince you into buying business cards printed in full color for your marketing arsenal. Many studies have shown that a lot of people are two times more likely drawn to colored objects like business cards in full color, as opposed to the usual black and white cards.

Don’t use too much color

Even so, just like any other printing projects, business card color printing will require the proper use and control from you when you choose to utilize color. You need to practice restraint and proper judgement in your choice of the colors you will be using. Of course, using too many of is just too much for the audience to take. Actually, an excessive amount of color has a tendency to annoy your prospects, in addition to draw people’s attention away from what really is important – your message.

Never forget that color is really just a tool that will help you relay your message for your audience. It is an aid to clearly and briefly and also enable them to better understand and comprehend what you would like to state for them. Also certain colors simply hurt the eyes, and the combination of certain colors just wouldn’t work out.

So restrain yourself and use least amount of colors possible. Don’t get over excited and then go head over heels in the usage of color in printing those color business cards. Making use of simplicity in the printing of your business card can almost always result in a more effective project than one that is completed with overdone designs.

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