Color Business Card Printing

Color Business Card Printing

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Getting your color business card printing done


Color business card printing is a necessity is these times. Business cards printed in full color is a very effective and important marketing tool, but is one of those that cost the least. Due to its importance and effectiveness, never skimp on the card. Ensure all the pertinent information like your business or company name, business  address, e-mail, telephone numbers and fax details, your title and other things you believe should be onto it. However, don’t botch up your color business card design. If you don’t have artistic or creative capabilities, pay an expert artist to create a logo design and card for you personally.

Investing the additional money for highly professionally done color business card printing is worth the expense. High quality and beautiful stationery helps reassure prospects that you possess a positive and good image. It also means that you are capable of helping them to with whatever needs they may have, whatever purchases they may want to do  or just simply with their lifestyle.

This minimal investment of less than a hundred dollars (if you consider a custom business card design) will return to you many times over as potential clients see you’ve got a top quality image since your card is of superior quality.

Free business cards

If you have limited finances, you might be considering those free business cards that are offered by the big online printing companies. However, before you do that, think how this will affect your image with prospective clients. These free business cards usually are not made of quality paper and will more often that not have the logo of the printing company printed at the backside of the business card. This screams FREE. Would you do business with someone who can’t even afford to pay $28.95 for 1000 high quality full color business card printing? I leave that up to you.

Business cards purpose

In the past, business cards were purely for a perfunctory purpose i.e. a means leave contact details to someone so they can retrieve it later on. However, single use business cards  with title, logo design, business address, telephone and e-mail really are rare nowadays. At present time, designers are exploring newer design avenues. Color is now everywhere with some of the business cards literally overflowing in color having a rainbow of different hues, while some take advantage of 4-color process as though these were high end full color brochures.

Lots of people feel they have to have color on their own business cards. To create your cards that stand out from the rest, it must start out with a good design.  You could have them printed in full color, or if your budget allows, add a design with silver or gold foil.

Color will certainly call out attention to the business card that you are handing out. It definitely will make it stand out apart from the crowd of business cards that someone may receive. Go ahead and use color to relay the message in your business card. Cost is no longer a barrier so there is no reason not to take advantage of it.

How color business cards are printed

Ever been curious as to how high quality color business card printing is done? Here’s a video of the process:

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