Business Card Design and Printing

Business Card Design and Printing

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Business card design and printing for you

So you may be someone in need of a business card design and printing. You may have a new business, maybe looking for a new job, or perhaps someone who has just been promoted. Or someone who just finished school and is eagerly thinking of ways to promote yourself looking for a job for the first time.

You are thinking to get your business cards design and printing done professionally, but hesitate when you think of the costs involved. You start thinking, hey, maybe I could do the business card design myself and save some money. Another thought following that is that maybe I can also print the business card myself and save some more money.

Designing the business cards yourself

If you have some skills in graphic arts design and the right software to work with, you can pull off doing the business card design yourself. There are some inexpensive off-the-shelf business card design software you can buy online, or even at Best Buy or the big office supplies stores. These business card design software also have plenty of templates in them that you can use or maybe copy when making your own business card design. If done right, designs made from these business card software can equal those done by graphic artist professionals. Making one design successfully on these business card software might be enough to offset the money that you paid for it.

Printing the business cards

Printing the business cards yourself would be a different story. Typically, where would you print these business cards if you will do it yourself? Most do-it-your-selfers would most likely own an inkjet printer. For the more sophisticated ones, since the prices have come down significantly on the low end color laser printers, they may have one of these. Other than these two printing machines, these is no other way you can printout the business cards yourself.

What business card paper to use

How about the paper that you will use? Some sort of a card paper must be used, you can’t use just regular paper, otherwise you might as well just write your information on pieces of scrap paper and hand these out. The problem with using cardstock paper is that in order for them to get printed on a printer, inkjet or otherwise, these must be at least the minimum size allowed, which is somewhat larger than the typical business card size which is 2 X 3 1/2 inches. When you cut these cardstock paper to business card size, unless you have access to some kind of a printshop cutter these will be cut unevenly and even cut crooked, no matter how skilled you are on a hand cutter. Perforated business card paper is available, but again the perforations after you tear off the cards to size is another telltale sign of unprofessionally done business cards. Of course, pre-cut blank business cards are available but you can’t use these on the printers as they are too small.

Definitely on the inkjet printer, there is no way that they can be done with the professional business card look on them. The look would just be telltaling that it is home made. If the purpose of the business card is just to give away your information in a home party this should work out. However in a business atmosphere where the initial impression counts the most, you won’t get a good one using these homemade business cards. The impression on the person handing out this business card can either be of someone who is a cheapskate or maybe of someone struggling financially.

You may get away with using a color laser printer is your design is really good. It may also give the impression that the cards were purposely done on a laser printer. However you will still end up with the problem of cutting the business cards evenly as the laser printers might even require a bigger size of paper to operate than the inkjet printers. Also the printing may rub off the paper itself, especially if there is a big surface that is printed. The laser printer toner will not bind to the cardstock as well as printing press inks.

Here’s a nice video of five tips to create the perfect business card:

We can do the business card design and printing for you. To get your business cards printed professionally without the high cost, click here.

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