1000 Door Hangers $159.95 FREE Shipping


1000 Door Hangers
FREE Shipping $159.95!!

These are jumbo door hangers – dimensions are 4 1/4 wide X 11 inches long printed on 14 or 16 pt cover stock with high gloss UV  coating on both sides.

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Door Hanger Printing

Door hangers advertising is a great and inexpensive way to promote your business locally. Direct mail is one way to advertise but competition for attention is so great. When your printed piece arrives in your mailbox it probably comes with at least a dozen other mail pieces so your chances of getting your message read is very slim. As they said, your mail piece only has 3 to 5 seconds to get the recipient’s attention before it gets dropped into the trash can.

With door hangers your advertising piece is the only one that will get noticed as it is the only one there. There is no way that whoever is facing that door will miss your door hanger sitting on the doorknob. Unless they are on an emergency, the chances that people will look at your door hanger is extremely high. If it has an attractive design and the printing is of high quality the more that they will look at it and read your message.

Full color door hangers are inexpensive to print and easy to distribute. They are a very good way for small businesses to get noticed.


These little gems of advertising work very well with local businesses. They work best with realtors, restaurants, pizza parlors, spa’s, hair and beauty salons. It is a very good way of letting people know that you are in their neighborhood with a business or service that can best help and satisfy their needs.

Of course, while our door hangers are inexpensive, they’re in no way cheap door hangers. We print our door hangers in full color on heavy 14 pt or 16 pt. cover stock on a high end printing press. These are then UV coated on 1 or both sides to give it a very attractive high gloss finish. Should you desire a matte finish, we can also do that for you.

Start promoting your business now using these effective but inexpensive advertising pieces. If you already have a design you can simply put your order in and then upload it to this website. We can help you with your design if you don’t have one yet. We can use a door hanger template to complete your design.