1000 4 X 6 Full Color Postcards $48.95


1000 4 X 6 Color Postcards
FREE Shipping $48.95!!

We only use the best quality materials for these postcards and are printed on high end printing press machines. Click here for printing specifications to check out what these postcards and the other products are made of.

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4 X 6 color postcard

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“Our Money Back Guarantee…”

On Your First Order of Business Cards: We want you to try us out risk free. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the business cards or it is not what we say what it is, within 7 days of receipt return the whole package to us and we will refund you the cost of printing only without any questions asked.

Postcard printing cheap

A postcard is one great way to inexpensively advertise your business. Postcard printing is cheap, just costing a little bit more than business cards but contain a lot more message than a business card can convey. These little gems called postcards relatively  cost less than full blown brochures which may be totally unnecessary for the marketing campaign that you are planning at the  moment.

Postcards come in varying sizes, but the most popular one is the 4 X 6 inch postcard. We provide postcard printing services, and our postcards are printed in heavy 14 point cover stock with high gloss UV coating either on both sides or 1 side only. If these postcards are to be addressed and mailed we suggest the UV coating on one side only. A heavier 16 point cover stock is also available for the same price as the 14 point cover.

If you plan on mailing these postcards, you will save a lot on the cost of postage. A 4 X 6 postcard will only cost you $0.34 for first  class postage. You will also save on the cost of envelopes as you won’t need one. In contast, a regular letter envelope or brochure  will cost $0.49. If you are mailing hundreds or thousands of postcards, the difference can be significant. Bigger postcards, of course  will also cost more to mail than the 4 X 6.

Every Door  Direct Mail

If you regularly send out mailings  and target a specific demographic area, the US Postal Service has a program called Every Door  Direct Mail. This will save you a lot of money in terms of mailing charges as well as handing charges on the mailing pieces as you  don’t even need to address the postcards.

All you need to do is select your target delivery route, by zipcode or the particular  neighborhood and your postcard will reach every address on that neighborhood that you targeted. This is a very efficient and cost  effective way to spread out your advertising message directly to the people in that area that you selected. For more information go  online to https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm.

We can help you with your Every Door Direct Mail campaign by printing your EDDM eligible postcards. Just contact us at ernie@printmarv.com or call (909) 92-1156 if you want to do this.

Postcard printing online

You can order your postcard printing online right here at Printmarv.com. Just click on the add to cart button above and you will get 1000 4 x 6 full color postcards printed full color on both sides with UV coating for only $48.95, with free shipping.  This is one “postcard printing cheap” scenario but our postcard’s quality is far from “cheap”. You will get the same if not better quality that those big names out there. And you will get personal service each and every time you place your order.